Daily grind: What is the oldest MMORPG you play?

Later this fall, Ultima Online least 18 years of age. More crazy? It launched before the end of the ninth to expand out (which is on the test server). More crazy? A fool sings what he will, the maester told… Read more

[Boom Beach]Jul.29-30 2015 Dr.Terror Warriors 1-7 Guide by CC

Here is my setup: Team:Predator(50) Game ID:cclol^_^(my frieds list is full) Headquarters: lv20 Gunboat Energy: 104(boosted by an energy+17%+17%+36%+17%+17% statue) Warriors Amount: 64 Warriors Level: 18 Warriors HP: 1350(boosted by a HP+28% statue) Warriors DPS: 650(boosted by a attack+31%+12+13%statue) Artillery… Read more